Dream Team: Meet Jabz Franchisee Couple Marie and Brant Miller


Written by Jabz Boxing

April 16, 2021

Meet Marie and Brant Miller, a husband-and-wife ownership duo with Jabz.  

Marie was first introduced to Jabz as a client, needing a stress reliever for a job she did not love – and the concept instantly captured her heart!  

Transitioning from a client to a trainer, Miller learned that Jabz was beginning to franchise, and she knew immediately that she wanted to become an owner, too. When she met Jennifer Nikolou, her current business partner, that dream became a reality – the pair opened Jabz Central Phoenix in 2016.  

As Marie and Jennifer looked to invest in existing location Jabz 16th and Bell, Brant, a personal trainer, wanted to join in on the adventure and become a partner as well! “I’ve always loved fitness, training people and helping them change mentally, physically and spiritually through personal training,” says Brant. 

Alongside their business partner, the Millers have created a unique balance as a married couple and community leaders, working with one another to lead their business and support one another’s dreams. Hear from Marie about why she enjoys business ownership with Brant and what advice she has for other couples considering the same path. 

Why did you want to go into business ownership with your partner? 

When we were looking for a second Jabz location it just seemed right! Brant was amazing with our first location’s community and it was only fitting for him to be a part of the next location. Brant and I work/own other businesses together and have always had a great partnership. 

What is the most rewarding part of working with your partner? 

We balance each other! Brant is very light-hearted and fun so when things get stressful, he knows how to calm me down and remembers to look forward into the future. Also, communication is easy, as we know when we disagree it’s not personal and we’re able to talk through all sides. 

What advice would you offer to other couples who are considering going into business ownership together? 

We would say be honest and upfront. Communication is important not only in business, but also in the relationship. Make sure you also take time for your relationship as you cannot talk business 24/7, which is easy to do when you are together.  

At Jabz, we strive to foster an empowering environment for every single member of our community, from our clients and employees to our franchise owners. Whether you’re considering business ownership for yourself, with a business partner or your life partner, we’re here to support you every step of the way to making your dreams a reality.  

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