Jabz Boxing: The Best Studio Experience for Clients and Franchise Partners

Jabz Boxing: The Best Studio Experience for Clients and Franchise Partners

Jabz Boxing, where gritty boxing gym meets luxury boutique studio, offers a curated experience within a custom-designed ring and a signature circuit incorporating various training modalities into a HIIT-style boxing-based class. The brand also offers a top-notch business training program for franchise partners, setting up new Jabz Boxing studio owners to master the skills of running a successful fitness business in any market. 

But Jabz’s commitment to its franchisee’s success doesn’t stop there. Demonstrating the brand’s dedication to a top-notch boutique experience, the Jabz team has continued to test and roll out technology to enhance the workout experience and provide greater value to clients and franchise partners. 

Jabz Boxing is proud to offer a robust learning management system that provides training and resources for staff at all levels of the business, from coaches to franchise owners. “The portal contains various training modules and tools to enhance communication across the company, ensuring consistency in delivering the Jabz Boxing experience and ensuring owners have the tools necessary to onboard new staff over time,” explained Erin Seaboyer, Vice President of Franchise Services. 

“We are also in the testing phase of offering a tracker with boxing-specific technology,” shared Erin. “The tracker measures things like your punch count, accuracy, and the power behind your punches. This is something that has not been done in the U.S. in the boutique fitness industry. It not only gamifies the experience for those who like competition, but it also allows clients to measure progress over time within the boxing component of the workout.”

With ongoing research and development going into the Jabz Boxing experience, our team is committed to keeping the Jabz experience ahead of the curve and empowering our franchise owners to deliver the best experience to their client base.

Jabz Boxing offers a science-backed, results-driven, community-focused way of making fitness fun and within reach for all.  With boutique fitness ranking as the fastest growing sector in the fitness industry and few other boxing-inspired franchise concepts in the market, there’s no better time to bring Jabz Boxing to your area.

Learn how Jabz Boxing can take your career to new heights: https://jabzboxing.com/own-a-jabz

Franchising with Jabz Boxing Trains You for Success in Business

Franchising with Jabz Boxing Trains You for Success in Business

Jabz Boxing, where gritty boxing gym meets luxury boutique studio, makes an excellent investment opportunity for the driven entrepreneur and the fitness enthusiast looking to deliver a scalable, science-backed, community-centered program to their hometown. New entrepreneur? Not to worry. With our approach to franchising, you don’t need to have a background in business or fitness to be a successful studio owner. 
At Jabz Boxing, we view the franchise process as parallel to the foundation and four corners of our custom ring on the studio floor. Each corner represents a pillar of your business, and we blend hard systems, soft systems, and information systems to advance your business skills in each of these areas, delivering you the best training in the fitness franchise space, so you’re prepared for the “championship fight” of being a successful business owner, not just a gym operator. 
From making your investment to your grand opening, building a business is complex. There are many moving pieces to direct, papers to file, and vendors to manage. By franchising with Jabz Boxing, you are stepping into the ring with the knowledge and expertise of the Jabz team in your corner.  We’ve broken down the week-by-week milestones involved in launching your very own studio to help you stay on track and navigate the process of opening your successful business in a simplified way. Here’s a deeper look into the resources you’ll have access to from securing your Jabz Boxing franchise license through the grand opening of your first (or second or third!) Jabz Boxing studio:

  • Site Selection: After you’ve signed your franchise agreement, our site selection team will deep-dive with you to help you find the right location for your studio. Working within the parameters we identify together in our business planning session, the site selection team will deep-dive into data to help you optimize your studio location, matching area demographics with that of the Jabz Boxing client.
  • The Right Vendors on the Right Timeline: The Jabz team has built strong relationships with approved vendors for everything from flooring to equipment to signage to branded merchandise, resulting in greater efficiencies and better pricing options for you as you build out your studio space. Our team knows the ins and outs of sourcing everything you need to open your space and will help manage vendors on the right timeline to minimize disruptions to your opening schedule. One example — because our team has a finger on the pulse of these vendor relationships, we’re generally first to know when supply chain signals suggest ordering equipment with more lead time.
  • Build-Out: Once you’ve engaged your contractor and architect, we’re here to assist in managing them along the way to get your space ready with the official Jabz Boxing layout. From how to optimally use your studio footprint to what kind of flooring will withstand the Jabz workout over the long haul, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive design intent package includes all the details you and your general contractor need to know about building out your studio, ensuring the signature, “gritty but pretty” look that defines Jabz Boxing will impress clients who walk into your space.
  • Marketing and PR: We’ve also got your back when it comes to digital marketing vendors, PR partners, and the style, copy, and brand images you need to promote and launch your very own successful Jabz Boxing studio that stands out in your market. 
  • Extensive Training: Our team provides comprehensive training across topics critical to your business’ success. Our systems trainings ensure you’re set up and proficient in all of our digital platforms before you open your doors. Our robust sales and marketing training takes the guesswork out of establishing a solid founding member base from your grand opening, ensuring consistent and reliable revenue streams. We will take your coaches through Jabz Training Camp to onboard and orient your team to the Jabz Boxing workout. And beyond the trainings we take you and your team through directly, you’ll have access to our resource-packed learning management system, “The Ring” — we’ve got you covered with the tools and resources you need to navigate this process. 

In the months leading up to your studio opening, you’ll meet weekly with our operations and openings team members to keep you on track, connected with the right resources, and help problem-solve any roadblocks that might be in your way. 

By buying into an established brand with proven systems, you’ll save time, money, and stress on small but critical details that we’ve already taken care of – details that give the brand life and create the optimal operational flow that contributes to a great studio and training experience. 

What really makes Jabz stand out throughout this process is our expert team, who knows exactly how to identify and navigate any unexpected bumps in the road.

A few examples? 

  • We’ve worked one-on-one with owners who were too busy to dedicate the necessary time to membership sales by helping them identify a qualified candidate to hire and undergo sales training to ensure that membership sales stay on track leading up to the grand opening.
  • We’ve worked with owners in new markets where brand awareness can be particularly challenging. Our PR firm knows exactly how to build awareness in new markets, and our digital marketing team is highly experienced, specializing in the fitness industry.
  • We also provide training on guerrilla marketing techniques to help you and your team take to the community via efforts like exhibition classes, tabling at community events, and social media growth strategies.Processing and shipping timelines can be variable, but our team is well connected with both industry trends and our specific vendors, offering just the guidance and expertise you need to timeline the many elements that go into building out and opening your studio.  

In short, our experienced team knows the pain points of launching a business and understands the ins, the outs, and the full magnitude of opening a Jabz Boxing studio. When the unexpected happens, many small business owners feel they’ve hit a dead end with no support, but the Jabz team is equipped to help you find a solution to any challenge that may arise. 

As the demand for quality fitness programming soars, Jabz Boxing delivers. Pair this with a strategic but human process to build your business from the ground up, and we’re confident we can work with you to build the business results you are looking for. 

Ready to learn more about what it’s like to own your own Jabz Boxing studio? With boutique fitness the fastest-growing slice of the fitness industry, there’s no time like now to invest in becoming the next Jabz Boxing studio owner. Learn more today: www.jabzboxing.com/own-a-jabz

Jabz Boxing’s First Maryland Studio Announces Grand Opening

Jabz Boxing’s First Maryland Studio Announces Grand Opening

Jabz Boxing, where gritty boxing gym meets luxury boutique studio, announces its newest location in Bel Air, Maryland, will host a Grand Opening celebration on November 6. Located at 520 Baltimore Pike in the Bel Air Town Center, the newest Jabz Boxing studio is the first in the state and is owned by wife and husband duo, Helen and Larry O’Keefe. Jabz Boxing brings a fresh take on functional training to the Maryland fitness scene with its signature HIIT-inspired, boxing-based circuit classes. 
Helen and Larry were looking for a way to launch into a new adventure and found the Jabz Boxing opportunity merged their passion for fitness and community with the business potential they were searching for. Helen will act as owner-operator, while Larry will help with the administrative tasks of running the business.  
“I love the Jabz Boxing concept for how it fosters a community environment, and yet you’re spread out across individual stations, focused on doing your personal best within each class,” explained Helen. “It’s a great group fitness experience that allows you to work at your pace and your level without being on display. It’s a challenging and an encouraging environment where everyone can get stronger.” 
Jabz’s science-backed workout plan incorporates elements of kickboxing, cardio, plyometrics, agility, and more into a fast-paced circuit that can be scaled up or down to safely deliver a challenge within reach to all.  
On the road to opening, Jabz Boxing Bel Air has hosted numerous open house events and outdoor pop-up classes. These opportunities have been a great way for the new business to introduce the community to the Jabz Boxing class format, a sampling of the equipment used in-studio, and the coaching staff. All Jabz Boxing coaches are nationally certified instructors who attend Jabz Training Camp. Jabz’s signature training camp instructs coaches on the Jabz program and how to progressively challenge clients across their fitness journey. “We have an excellent team of coaches I know our clients will love. Our team is very excited about the format of Jabz Boxing’s classes; it blends a group training environment with an intimate experience where you can get to know others and get in a great workout.” 
The studio will host VIP classes starting October 25 as the team gears up for a November 6 Grand Opening. A limited number of founding memberships remain available leading up to the Grand Opening event. For information, visit https://jabzboxing.com/grand-opening/Bel-Air-MD.   
The new studio opening in Bel Air comes as Jabz Boxing continues to expand into key markets across the country. Additional fall 2021 studio openings include Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania and Tampa, Florida. Jabz Boxing continues to seek qualified franchisees with community connections and a passion for fitness. With boutique fitness ranking as the fastest growing sector in the fitness industry, there’s no better time to bring Jabz Boxing to your area.  
For more information about the Jabz Boxing franchise opportunity, please visit https://jabzboxing.com/own-a-jabz 

Boutique Boxing Concept, Jabz Boxing Announces Grand Opening at Drexel Hill

Boutique Boxing Concept, Jabz Boxing Announces Grand Opening at Drexel Hill

Jabz Boxing, where gritty boxing gym meets luxury boutique studio, announces its newest location will open September 19 in Drexel Hill, PA. Located at 4911 Township Line Road, the newest Jabz studio will operate under owner and long-time Jabz fan Shannon Crowley. Jabz Boxing brings a fresh take on functional training to the Delaware County fitness scene with its signature HIIT-style, boxing-based classes. Jabz Boxing offers a premium boutique option where everyone is encouraged to “come as you are, leave stronger.”
Originally from neighboring Upper Darby, Shannon was active in sports growing up and participated in cross-country and crew. But as an adult, Shannon found herself frustrated by her experience at other gyms, with many concepts lacking an effective workout plan, an approachable vibe, or sense of community. When a Jabz studio opened in nearby Ridley Park, PA, everything changed, and Shannon was immediately hooked on the concept. “The workout was great every single class, the coaches were challenging yet supportive, and the community was very welcoming,” recalls Shannon. “It was the first time I ever felt like I was getting my money’s worth out of a studio membership rather than paying a gym I never felt motivated to go to. The coaches were knowledgeable and encouraging, and even though there were a lot of new moves, nothing felt intimidating.” The pieces started falling into place and Shannon saw a unique opportunity to bring Jabz Boxing’s expanding franchise system even closer to home in Drexel Hill.
Jabz’s science-backed workout plan incorporates elements of kickboxing, cardio, plyometrics, agility, and more into a fast-paced circuit that can be scaled up or down to safely deliver a challenge within reach to all. With coaches trained to offer clients progressive challenges, members continue to see progress over time and leave the ring a little stronger each day.
Shannon has personally seen the benefits of the workout. Diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disease, exercising regularly at Jabz has helped her develop strength in areas that, previously weaker, contributed to her pain levels. “I’ve gotten so much stronger since working out with Jabz, which has been amazing for managing pain,” says Shannon. “I can do things now I never used to be able to. Jabz’s workout is quick but effective, and it’s scalable to any fitness level or age. It’s amazing that Jabz’s programming is so thoughtful and science-backed, and at the same time, it’s full of variety and fun. We can’t wait to welcome clients into the studio, help them meet their fitness goals, and empower them by providing this awesome community.”

On the road to opening, Jabz Boxing Drexel Hill has hosted outdoor pop-up classes. The pop-ups have been a great way for the new business to introduce the community to the Jabz Boxing class format, a sampling of the equipment used in-studio, and the coaching staff. All Jabz Boxing coaches are nationally certified instructors who attend Jabz Training Camp. Coaches are known for their perfect blend of hard and soft skills used to continue to grow and develop members as they progress through their fitness journey. Shannon has a powerhouse team of coaches at her side, including triathlete and former body builder Christina Cunningham as Studio Manager.
A limited number of founding memberships remain available leading up to the location’s grand opening next month. The $99/month special includes a Jabz swag bag. For more information visit: https://jabzboxing.com/locations/drexel-hill-PA
The grand opening in Drexel Hill comes as Jabz Boxing continues to expand into key markets across the country, including additional locations opening soon in Tampa, Florida and Bel Air, Maryland. Jabz Boxing continues to seek qualified franchisees with community connections and a passion for fitness. With boutique fitness ranking as the fastest growing sector in the fitness industry, there’s no better time to bring Jabz Boxing to your area.

For more information about the Jabz Boxing franchise opportunity, please visit

Samantha Ford, Jabz Boxing Owner, Shares Three Ways to Earn and Retain Clients

Samantha Ford, Jabz Boxing Owner, Shares Three Ways to Earn and Retain Clients

Samantha Ford was always a fitness lover, and she fell in love with Jabz Boxing from her very first class. She found that the total-body programming provided better balance than the bootcamps she had been taking at other studios, and the variety and boxing-based moves made the workout both effective and fun.
When Samantha made the leap from stay-at-home mom to Jabz Boxing’s first franchise owner in 2013, she didn’t know what exactly she’d be facing, but eight years and many certifications later – personal training, group fitness, strength and conditioning, TRX, and a kettlebell certification, to name a few, – the owner of Jabz Boxing’s North Phoenix location looks back at a strong and committed community of members, many of whom have been a part of her journey since the studio’s early years.
Samantha shared her top three tips for earning and retaining clients within her studio in North Phoenix, which has ensured her the success of her business over the years:

1. Keep it Real
“The studio is a very welcoming place to enter, but we keep it very real. We get members chatting as we’re getting warmed up, and we talk about real things that are happening in our lives or in the city where we live, so there’s more to the interactions than just the workout. When you see the same people you’ve already started making these small connections with in the lobby before or after your next class, it’s easy to grow that sense of camaraderie and develop friendships within our Jabz community. I also encourage my trainers to be themselves; I don’t want an army of cookie-cutter coaches. We have a variety of personalities among our training staff, and while that means not every client who walks through our doors has a strong connection with each and every trainer, that’s okay. I’ve found when our trainers are being their true selves, they’re happier, they become the best versions of themselves, and they truly shine. Members benefit from our trainers being at their best and feel encouraged to be their authentic selves, too. Clients who come into the studio tend to really quickly feel a sense of belonging and feel at home here in this environment, whether its encouraging each other through a milestone within the workout or in life.”

2. Invest in Connecting with Clients
“The workouts at Jabz Boxing are fun, effective, and really well-structured, but a big impact on our clients’ success is that our coaches are both knowledgeable and give 125% to everyone who steps through our doors. We pay extra care when someone is newer to the studio to be sure they’re comfortable, understand the movement patterns, and they truly feel like we’re in it with them. But it’s not just a one time investment when someone comes in for their first class. We check-in with newer clients on how they are feeling over their first couple of weeks as they get started with us, but Jabz’s smaller class sizes allow us to really invest in knowing our longer-term clients and what they have happening in their life outside the gym, too. Whether it’s through connecting with them on social media or a quick catch-up during the warm-up or the stretch at the end of the workout, people love that they can be members of a studio where they are truly known and appreciated.”

3. Create a Community that Drives Community
“We have members at the studio who have been with us since our first year in business, and that’s benefitted us in a number of ways. Word of mouth referrals from current clients have always been one of our strongest sources of bringing new clients through our doors. When someone can come here and have a great workout with a community who knows and cares about them, they love to share this experience with their other networks. When referrals come in, they experience a great workout, genuine conversation, and have an overall amazing experience.  The sense of community that exists within the space is also hugely impactful to the experience of making others feel at home. Our regulars are super welcoming and encouraging when they see a new face in class, from saying hello at the top of class to helping them understand the flow of moving circuit to circuit. Our regulars perpetuate a community vibe that others want to be a part of.” 
  After nearly a decade in operation, Samantha still loves to teach and connect with her clients. She feels the Jabz Boxing community she has grown and fostered is her life purpose, and Samantha and her training staff have continued to show up, helping clients get healthier & stronger, inside and out, since 2013.

This community-focused culture helps Jabz Boxing’s North Phoenix studio earn and retain clients, which is great for the Samantha’s business. And it also helps members at feel connected, supported, and challenged as they work toward achieving their personal best.

Interested in learning more about how to bring the next Jabz Boxing to your area?   Learn more today: www.jabzboxing.com/own-a-jabz

Five Reasons Jabz Boxing Stands Out Among Fitness Franchises

Five Reasons Jabz Boxing Stands Out Among Fitness Franchises

Jabz Boxing, where gritty boxing gym meets luxury boutique studio, offers a curated experience within a custom-designed ring and a signature circuit incorporating kickboxing, cardio, plyometrics, agility, and functional training into a fast-paced, HIIT-style boxing-based class. Each class is intentionally designed to push everyone to their limits and gain strength, inside and out.

But what really makes Jabz Boxing stand out from others in the fitness industry? Here are just a few reasons Jabz is unlike any other fitness franchise opportunity on the market:   
1.Jabz Boxing workouts are challenging at any fitness level:  Jabz’s programming allows clients at any level to be appropriately challenged. The exercises incorporated into each class can be easily modified or amplified, allowing everyone who steps into the ring to leave stronger.  

Jumping rope, for example, is a component of every Jabz Boxing warm-up. Members who arrive with strong coordination skills and are light on their feet might pick up the pace or add double-unders for a greater challenge, while those who don’t know how to jump rope or are feeling heavy-footed can opt for our air ropes as an accessible modification.  

While we want to push every client who walks in the door to being their best self, we’re also here to help everyone succeed. The structure of our programming intelligently delivers a challenge within reach to all, allowing everyone to leave feeling a little bit stronger.   
2.Jabz Boxing’s carefully curated programming uses a science-driven approach:  Jabz’s annual training plan is rooted in the science-based principles of Periodization and Progressive Overload. Each station within each day within each week of each microcycle is programmed with principles of exercise physiology in mind to deliver a full-body workout with maximum efficiency and benefits.

Through each microcycle, we incorporate both new and familiar movements to balance challenge and variety with proper form and progress. Jabz’s nationally certified coaches are trained to gradually push individual clients to increase the weight or number of reps within a station, ensuring safe, continued growth over time.

These principles create and sustain physiological adaptations, strengthen the body, and drive the results our members rave about.    
3.The variety you see on the Jabz Boxing floor has both physical and mental benefits: The variety within a Jabz Boxing class (think: 250+ different pieces of equipment in every studio!) consistently challenges the body. This drives results while mitigating the risk of plateauing and is associated with greater program adherence. 

By fatiguing the muscles in a new order or pattern on a regular basis, Jabz Boxing ensures your body is continually challenged to adapt to a new training stimulus.  The moral of the story? The intentional variety of our class format helps everyone in the ring get stronger.

Ever attended an exercise class that felt more like a week than an hour? Not here! Throughout each Jabz Boxing class, members move around the room, into the ring, back out of the ring, stop for a quick cardio blast before moving on to the next strength-based station, and before you know it, time’s up! Many people abandon exercise when they get bored or stop seeing results. But Jabz’s programming helps our members stick to a consistent fitness routine and stay on the path toward meeting their individual goals, cultivating a consistent member base.   
4. Jabz Boxing is known for supportive coaches and a sense of community: Beyond expertise in exercise physiology concepts proven to build strength, Jabz Boxing coaches know how to bring the heat while supporting each client who steps into the gym, helping everyone leave a little stronger each day.

The Jabz Boxing culture is contagious. The team at our Central Phoenix location has a 4.9-star rating on Google and a 5.0-star rating on Facebook, Yelp, and ClassPass:  

“LOVE these workouts,” says one guest, “The instructors are the most positive and uplifting of anywhere I have gone. The workout flies by because it is so fun.”   

“…Regardless if you work out everyday, you will find the workouts here challenging,” says another, “The instructors are friendly, the music is kick *$$ and it’s motivating and encouraging…” 

Members across the map love Jabz Boxing because of fun, variety-filled classes, the empowering environment our coaches foster, and the science-backed, results-driven programming.   
5.Jabz Boxing provides a top-notch franchise experience in the booming boutique fitness industry: If you’re like us, you probably think this science-backed, results-driven, community-focused way of making fitness fun sounds great for clients. And if you’ve dreamed of owning your own business, Jabz Boxing may be the springboard to the career you’ve dreamed of. Our franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds, from fitness to finance, but they have a few things in common; the drive to succeed, a passion for fitness, and a desire to lift up their community.

Jabz Boxing integrates the most effective fitness trends into the studio experience, and with boutique fitness ranking as the fastest growing sector in the fitness industry, there’s no better time to bring Jabz Boxing to your area. Between 2013 and 2017, US boutique fitness membership went up by 121% while traditional membership increased by only 15% over the same period!

By joining our Jabz Boxing Franchise family, Jabz owners enjoy top-notch brand support from our team. Recognized as a leader in the fitness franchise space for our proven system and built-in support network, Jabz Boxing empowers new and potential owners along the journey to studio ownership. From initial trainer trainings to continued professional development sessions, to marketing and design resources, to winning programming your clients will love and beyond, our brand power is in your corner and our team is dedicated to helping you write your success story.  
Jabz Boxing is expanding our footprint in major markets across the country, offering a unique opportunity to take the driven entrepreneur to new heights.  

Let a system that works work for you. Join us in expanding the Jabz Boxing brand and our vision for all to “Come as you are, leave stronger.”

With few other boxing-inspired franchise concepts in the market, Jabz Boxing really packs a punch. Learn how to bring the next Jabz Boxing location to your area: https://jabzboxing.com/own-a-jabz