Five Reasons Jabz Boxing Stands Out Among Fitness Franchises

Five Reasons Jabz Boxing Stands Out Among Fitness Franchises

Jabz Boxing, where gritty boxing gym meets luxury boutique studio, offers a curated experience within a custom-designed ring and a signature circuit incorporating kickboxing, cardio, plyometrics, agility, and functional training into a fast-paced, HIIT-style boxing-based class. Each class is intentionally designed to push everyone to their limits and gain strength, inside and out.

But what really makes Jabz Boxing stand out from others in the fitness industry? Here are just a few reasons Jabz is unlike any other fitness franchise opportunity on the market:   
1.Jabz Boxing workouts are challenging at any fitness level:  Jabz’s programming allows clients at any level to be appropriately challenged. The exercises incorporated into each class can be easily modified or amplified, allowing everyone who steps into the ring to leave stronger.  

Jumping rope, for example, is a component of every Jabz Boxing warm-up. Members who arrive with strong coordination skills and are light on their feet might pick up the pace or add double-unders for a greater challenge, while those who don’t know how to jump rope or are feeling heavy-footed can opt for our air ropes as an accessible modification.  

While we want to push every client who walks in the door to being their best self, we’re also here to help everyone succeed. The structure of our programming intelligently delivers a challenge within reach to all, allowing everyone to leave feeling a little bit stronger.   
2.Jabz Boxing’s carefully curated programming uses a science-driven approach:  Jabz’s annual training plan is rooted in the science-based principles of Periodization and Progressive Overload. Each station within each day within each week of each microcycle is programmed with principles of exercise physiology in mind to deliver a full-body workout with maximum efficiency and benefits.

Through each microcycle, we incorporate both new and familiar movements to balance challenge and variety with proper form and progress. Jabz’s nationally certified coaches are trained to gradually push individual clients to increase the weight or number of reps within a station, ensuring safe, continued growth over time.

These principles create and sustain physiological adaptations, strengthen the body, and drive the results our members rave about.    
3.The variety you see on the Jabz Boxing floor has both physical and mental benefits: The variety within a Jabz Boxing class (think: 250+ different pieces of equipment in every studio!) consistently challenges the body. This drives results while mitigating the risk of plateauing and is associated with greater program adherence. 

By fatiguing the muscles in a new order or pattern on a regular basis, Jabz Boxing ensures your body is continually challenged to adapt to a new training stimulus.  The moral of the story? The intentional variety of our class format helps everyone in the ring get stronger.

Ever attended an exercise class that felt more like a week than an hour? Not here! Throughout each Jabz Boxing class, members move around the room, into the ring, back out of the ring, stop for a quick cardio blast before moving on to the next strength-based station, and before you know it, time’s up! Many people abandon exercise when they get bored or stop seeing results. But Jabz’s programming helps our members stick to a consistent fitness routine and stay on the path toward meeting their individual goals, cultivating a consistent member base.   
4. Jabz Boxing is known for supportive coaches and a sense of community: Beyond expertise in exercise physiology concepts proven to build strength, Jabz Boxing coaches know how to bring the heat while supporting each client who steps into the gym, helping everyone leave a little stronger each day.

The Jabz Boxing culture is contagious. The team at our Central Phoenix location has a 4.9-star rating on Google and a 5.0-star rating on Facebook, Yelp, and ClassPass:  

“LOVE these workouts,” says one guest, “The instructors are the most positive and uplifting of anywhere I have gone. The workout flies by because it is so fun.”   

“…Regardless if you work out everyday, you will find the workouts here challenging,” says another, “The instructors are friendly, the music is kick *$$ and it’s motivating and encouraging…” 

Members across the map love Jabz Boxing because of fun, variety-filled classes, the empowering environment our coaches foster, and the science-backed, results-driven programming.   
5.Jabz Boxing provides a top-notch franchise experience in the booming boutique fitness industry: If you’re like us, you probably think this science-backed, results-driven, community-focused way of making fitness fun sounds great for clients. And if you’ve dreamed of owning your own business, Jabz Boxing may be the springboard to the career you’ve dreamed of. Our franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds, from fitness to finance, but they have a few things in common; the drive to succeed, a passion for fitness, and a desire to lift up their community.

Jabz Boxing integrates the most effective fitness trends into the studio experience, and with boutique fitness ranking as the fastest growing sector in the fitness industry, there’s no better time to bring Jabz Boxing to your area. Between 2013 and 2017, US boutique fitness membership went up by 121% while traditional membership increased by only 15% over the same period!

By joining our Jabz Boxing Franchise family, Jabz owners enjoy top-notch brand support from our team. Recognized as a leader in the fitness franchise space for our proven system and built-in support network, Jabz Boxing empowers new and potential owners along the journey to studio ownership. From initial trainer trainings to continued professional development sessions, to marketing and design resources, to winning programming your clients will love and beyond, our brand power is in your corner and our team is dedicated to helping you write your success story.  
Jabz Boxing is expanding our footprint in major markets across the country, offering a unique opportunity to take the driven entrepreneur to new heights.  

Let a system that works work for you. Join us in expanding the Jabz Boxing brand and our vision for all to “Come as you are, leave stronger.”

With few other boxing-inspired franchise concepts in the market, Jabz Boxing really packs a punch. Learn how to bring the next Jabz Boxing location to your area: