Jabz Boxing: A Leader in the Diet Counterculture Movement

Jabz Boxing: A Leader in the Diet Counterculture Movement

Social media has long perpetuated unhealthy distortions of reality. Among them, diet culture. Diet culture values being thin, exercising to “burn off” calories or to “earn” your food, and asserts that certain foods are “good” or “bad,” that eating dessert should evoke guilt, or even that certain food groups should be eliminated entirely. It probably hasn’t been long since a friend or coworker told you about their latest detox, juice cleanse, fasting endeavor, or carb-cutting stint, right? The influence is everywhere.
Constant exposure to this messaging conditions us to equate being thin with being healthy, happy, and beautiful, or that eliminating carbs entirely (which are actually an essential macronutrient) makes someone morally superior.  
The reality is that for most people, the habits that diet culture perpetuates as “healthy” are actually…the opposite. There are a number of problems with this way of thinking, and Jabz Boxing prides itself as a thought leader in the diet counterculture. 
As we see it, the only thing diet culture does is perpetuate extreme and unsustainable habits, paired with a negative way of thinking about ourselves and those around us and all that our bodies can accomplish. At Jabz Boxing, we believe that your age, size, fitness level, or mobility shouldn’t hold you back from living a healthy lifestyle that is free from the misinformation of diet culture. 
At Jabz Boxing, we will never tell you that you need to work out to “burn off” your weekend or “earn” your meals. In fact, the literal opposite is physiologically true.  Your body needs fuel (food) to perform – the body converts carbohydrates into glycogen, which is stored in your muscles and acts as your energy source to power your body through your workout (nope, carbs are not evil, and no, you should not eliminate them from your diet). 

Eliminating carbs and working out is like neglecting to fill your car with gas then expecting it to transport you across town. Following our logic? 

We believe there are a number of other reasons to make Jabz Boxing a regular part of your routine — from having fun, to feeling good, to meeting personal goals, like gaining strength — and our approach offers true longevity and sustainability. You won’t find any before and after bikini progress photos here.   
At Jabz Boxing, we won’t measure your progress by the number on the scale.  We believe your size does not demonstrate your health and cannot be conflated with your value as a human. Period. 

Tracking your weight is an outdated way to measure your health and progress to greater wellness (ICYMI, muscle weighs more than fat). There are so many other benefits to staying active and building strength, like improved bone density, enhanced joint stability, and reduced risk of injury, to name a few. 

Instead of weekly weigh-ins, we like to measure progress by seeing you increase the weight you move or the number of reps completed in a round, improve endurance, better manage stress and anxiety, and by seeing you feel stronger in your daily activities, whether that’s keeping up with your kids or feeling strong during your favorite hobbies. But one thing you can be sure of, you won’t find a weight loss challenge at Jabz.
But what can you expect from Jabz Boxing?

  • We will motivate you to dig deep through every workout. 
  • We will encourage you to prioritize consistency and progress over perfection. 
  • We will support your journey to a stronger, healthier you at any age, at any size, at any time. 
  • We will deliver intelligent workouts backed by real science that delivers progressive results. 
  • We will remain a leader in the counterculture movement that pushes back on the unhealthy, unsustainable emphasis of diet culture.  

Jabz Boxing delivers a sustainable and balanced approach to improving your health and wellness, helping each and every client grow stronger, inside and out. Jabz continues to expand its presence across the country, with its newest studio locations opening soon in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Florida, and beyond. With boutique fitness ranked as the fastest growing segment of the fitness industry, and a sustainable, inclusive, body-positive approach behind the brand, there’s no better time to invest in Jabz Boxing. Learn more today: www.jabzboxing.com/own-a-jabz