Franchising with Jabz Boxing Trains You for Success in Business

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Written by Jabz Boxing

December 3, 2021

Jabz Boxing, where gritty boxing gym meets luxury boutique studio, makes an excellent investment opportunity for the driven entrepreneur and the fitness enthusiast looking to deliver a scalable, science-backed, community-centered program to their hometown. New entrepreneur? Not to worry. With our approach to franchising, you don’t need to have a background in business or fitness to be a successful studio owner. 
At Jabz Boxing, we view the franchise process as parallel to the foundation and four corners of our custom ring on the studio floor. Each corner represents a pillar of your business, and we blend hard systems, soft systems, and information systems to advance your business skills in each of these areas, delivering you the best training in the fitness franchise space, so you’re prepared for the “championship fight” of being a successful business owner, not just a gym operator. 
From making your investment to your grand opening, building a business is complex. There are many moving pieces to direct, papers to file, and vendors to manage. By franchising with Jabz Boxing, you are stepping into the ring with the knowledge and expertise of the Jabz team in your corner.  We’ve broken down the week-by-week milestones involved in launching your very own studio to help you stay on track and navigate the process of opening your successful business in a simplified way. Here’s a deeper look into the resources you’ll have access to from securing your Jabz Boxing franchise license through the grand opening of your first (or second or third!) Jabz Boxing studio:

  • Site Selection: After you’ve signed your franchise agreement, our site selection team will deep-dive with you to help you find the right location for your studio. Working within the parameters we identify together in our business planning session, the site selection team will deep-dive into data to help you optimize your studio location, matching area demographics with that of the Jabz Boxing client.
  • The Right Vendors on the Right Timeline: The Jabz team has built strong relationships with approved vendors for everything from flooring to equipment to signage to branded merchandise, resulting in greater efficiencies and better pricing options for you as you build out your studio space. Our team knows the ins and outs of sourcing everything you need to open your space and will help manage vendors on the right timeline to minimize disruptions to your opening schedule. One example — because our team has a finger on the pulse of these vendor relationships, we’re generally first to know when supply chain signals suggest ordering equipment with more lead time.
  • Build-Out: Once you’ve engaged your contractor and architect, we’re here to assist in managing them along the way to get your space ready with the official Jabz Boxing layout. From how to optimally use your studio footprint to what kind of flooring will withstand the Jabz workout over the long haul, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive design intent package includes all the details you and your general contractor need to know about building out your studio, ensuring the signature, “gritty but pretty” look that defines Jabz Boxing will impress clients who walk into your space.
  • Marketing and PR: We’ve also got your back when it comes to digital marketing vendors, PR partners, and the style, copy, and brand images you need to promote and launch your very own successful Jabz Boxing studio that stands out in your market. 
  • Extensive Training: Our team provides comprehensive training across topics critical to your business’ success. Our systems trainings ensure you’re set up and proficient in all of our digital platforms before you open your doors. Our robust sales and marketing training takes the guesswork out of establishing a solid founding member base from your grand opening, ensuring consistent and reliable revenue streams. We will take your coaches through Jabz Training Camp to onboard and orient your team to the Jabz Boxing workout. And beyond the trainings we take you and your team through directly, you’ll have access to our resource-packed learning management system, “The Ring” — we’ve got you covered with the tools and resources you need to navigate this process. 

In the months leading up to your studio opening, you’ll meet weekly with our operations and openings team members to keep you on track, connected with the right resources, and help problem-solve any roadblocks that might be in your way. 

By buying into an established brand with proven systems, you’ll save time, money, and stress on small but critical details that we’ve already taken care of – details that give the brand life and create the optimal operational flow that contributes to a great studio and training experience. 

What really makes Jabz stand out throughout this process is our expert team, who knows exactly how to identify and navigate any unexpected bumps in the road.

A few examples? 

  • We’ve worked one-on-one with owners who were too busy to dedicate the necessary time to membership sales by helping them identify a qualified candidate to hire and undergo sales training to ensure that membership sales stay on track leading up to the grand opening.
  • We’ve worked with owners in new markets where brand awareness can be particularly challenging. Our PR firm knows exactly how to build awareness in new markets, and our digital marketing team is highly experienced, specializing in the fitness industry.
  • We also provide training on guerrilla marketing techniques to help you and your team take to the community via efforts like exhibition classes, tabling at community events, and social media growth strategies.Processing and shipping timelines can be variable, but our team is well connected with both industry trends and our specific vendors, offering just the guidance and expertise you need to timeline the many elements that go into building out and opening your studio.  

In short, our experienced team knows the pain points of launching a business and understands the ins, the outs, and the full magnitude of opening a Jabz Boxing studio. When the unexpected happens, many small business owners feel they’ve hit a dead end with no support, but the Jabz team is equipped to help you find a solution to any challenge that may arise. 

As the demand for quality fitness programming soars, Jabz Boxing delivers. Pair this with a strategic but human process to build your business from the ground up, and we’re confident we can work with you to build the business results you are looking for. 

Ready to learn more about what it’s like to own your own Jabz Boxing studio? With boutique fitness the fastest-growing slice of the fitness industry, there’s no time like now to invest in becoming the next Jabz Boxing studio owner. Learn more today:

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