Samantha Ford, Jabz Boxing Owner, Shares Three Ways to Earn and Retain Clients

Samantha Ford

Written by Jabz Boxing

August 12, 2021

Samantha Ford was always a fitness lover, and she fell in love with Jabz Boxing from her very first class. She found that the total-body programming provided better balance than the bootcamps she had been taking at other studios, and the variety and boxing-based moves made the workout both effective and fun.
When Samantha made the leap from stay-at-home mom to Jabz Boxing’s first franchise owner in 2013, she didn’t know what exactly she’d be facing, but eight years and many certifications later – personal training, group fitness, strength and conditioning, TRX, and a kettlebell certification, to name a few, – the owner of Jabz Boxing’s North Phoenix location looks back at a strong and committed community of members, many of whom have been a part of her journey since the studio’s early years.
Samantha shared her top three tips for earning and retaining clients within her studio in North Phoenix, which has ensured her the success of her business over the years:

1. Keep it Real
“The studio is a very welcoming place to enter, but we keep it very real. We get members chatting as we’re getting warmed up, and we talk about real things that are happening in our lives or in the city where we live, so there’s more to the interactions than just the workout. When you see the same people you’ve already started making these small connections with in the lobby before or after your next class, it’s easy to grow that sense of camaraderie and develop friendships within our Jabz community. I also encourage my trainers to be themselves; I don’t want an army of cookie-cutter coaches. We have a variety of personalities among our training staff, and while that means not every client who walks through our doors has a strong connection with each and every trainer, that’s okay. I’ve found when our trainers are being their true selves, they’re happier, they become the best versions of themselves, and they truly shine. Members benefit from our trainers being at their best and feel encouraged to be their authentic selves, too. Clients who come into the studio tend to really quickly feel a sense of belonging and feel at home here in this environment, whether its encouraging each other through a milestone within the workout or in life.”

2. Invest in Connecting with Clients
“The workouts at Jabz Boxing are fun, effective, and really well-structured, but a big impact on our clients’ success is that our coaches are both knowledgeable and give 125% to everyone who steps through our doors. We pay extra care when someone is newer to the studio to be sure they’re comfortable, understand the movement patterns, and they truly feel like we’re in it with them. But it’s not just a one time investment when someone comes in for their first class. We check-in with newer clients on how they are feeling over their first couple of weeks as they get started with us, but Jabz’s smaller class sizes allow us to really invest in knowing our longer-term clients and what they have happening in their life outside the gym, too. Whether it’s through connecting with them on social media or a quick catch-up during the warm-up or the stretch at the end of the workout, people love that they can be members of a studio where they are truly known and appreciated.”

3. Create a Community that Drives Community
“We have members at the studio who have been with us since our first year in business, and that’s benefitted us in a number of ways. Word of mouth referrals from current clients have always been one of our strongest sources of bringing new clients through our doors. When someone can come here and have a great workout with a community who knows and cares about them, they love to share this experience with their other networks. When referrals come in, they experience a great workout, genuine conversation, and have an overall amazing experience.  The sense of community that exists within the space is also hugely impactful to the experience of making others feel at home. Our regulars are super welcoming and encouraging when they see a new face in class, from saying hello at the top of class to helping them understand the flow of moving circuit to circuit. Our regulars perpetuate a community vibe that others want to be a part of.” 
  After nearly a decade in operation, Samantha still loves to teach and connect with her clients. She feels the Jabz Boxing community she has grown and fostered is her life purpose, and Samantha and her training staff have continued to show up, helping clients get healthier & stronger, inside and out, since 2013.

This community-focused culture helps Jabz Boxing’s North Phoenix studio earn and retain clients, which is great for the Samantha’s business. And it also helps members at feel connected, supported, and challenged as they work toward achieving their personal best.

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