Jabz Boxing: The Best Studio Experience for Clients and Franchise Partners

Studio Experience

Written by Jabz Boxing

December 21, 2021

Jabz Boxing, where gritty boxing gym meets luxury boutique studio, offers a curated experience within a custom-designed ring and a signature circuit incorporating various training modalities into a HIIT-style boxing-based class. The brand also offers a top-notch business training program for franchise partners, setting up new Jabz Boxing studio owners to master the skills of running a successful fitness business in any market. 

But Jabz’s commitment to its franchisee’s success doesn’t stop there. Demonstrating the brand’s dedication to a top-notch boutique experience, the Jabz team has continued to test and roll out technology to enhance the workout experience and provide greater value to clients and franchise partners. 

Jabz Boxing is proud to offer a robust learning management system that provides training and resources for staff at all levels of the business, from coaches to franchise owners. “The portal contains various training modules and tools to enhance communication across the company, ensuring consistency in delivering the Jabz Boxing experience and ensuring owners have the tools necessary to onboard new staff over time,” explained Erin Seaboyer, Vice President of Franchise Services. 

“We are also in the testing phase of offering a tracker with boxing-specific technology,” shared Erin. “The tracker measures things like your punch count, accuracy, and the power behind your punches. This is something that has not been done in the U.S. in the boutique fitness industry. It not only gamifies the experience for those who like competition, but it also allows clients to measure progress over time within the boxing component of the workout.”

With ongoing research and development going into the Jabz Boxing experience, our team is committed to keeping the Jabz experience ahead of the curve and empowering our franchise owners to deliver the best experience to their client base.

Jabz Boxing offers a science-backed, results-driven, community-focused way of making fitness fun and within reach for all.  With boutique fitness ranking as the fastest growing sector in the fitness industry and few other boxing-inspired franchise concepts in the market, there’s no better time to bring Jabz Boxing to your area.

Learn how Jabz Boxing can take your career to new heights: https://jabzboxing.com/own-a-jabz

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