Jabz Boxing Announces Multi-Unit Agreement for Phoenix-Tucson

JABZ Boxing

Written by Jabz Boxing

June 19, 2023

Jabz Boxing is pleased to announce that a new franchise agreement has been signed to expand the gritty-meets-pretty boxing-based fitness concept across the Phoenix-Tucson market. Owner Rob Colon will open four studios in the region, leaning on his business experience along with his passion for the brand’s mission of helping anyone “come as you are, leave stronger.”

Jabz Boxing offers fun and fast-paced fitness classes that blend elements of boxing, strength training, functional movements, and cardio bursts. Each studio is equipped with a signature Jabz Boxing ring and 12 different styles of boxing bags.

JABZ Boxing
The class experience is amplified by punch-tracking technology that logs the count, speed, and power of every punch thrown during class. Workouts are scalable to deliver a challenge within reach at any fitness level.
JABZ Boxing
Rob’s journey to franchising came at a turning point in his life, and he made a commitment to realigning his focus. After nearly three decades of working his way from the sales floor to Chief Executive Officer of a growing auto group, Rob retired and began to focus more on his health. As he got into a regular exercise routine, he began to see positive changes in his physical health and mental well-being. With more time on his hands, Rob began researching fitness franchise opportunities. When he discovered Jabz Boxing, he knew it was the perfect fit.
“Jabz creates a unique space for people to be part of a community that can give them the accountability and encouragement they need for this to be a sustainable fitness regimen,” shared Rob of his decision to franchise with Jabz Boxing. “The product is great, there are excellent systems in place, and the brand is led by a passionate team. It’s an exciting time to join the Jabz family.”

Bertus Albertse, Brand President of Jabz Boxing, couldn’t agree more. “Rob’s business experience and his approach to leadership make him a great fit for the Jabz Boxing opportunity,” he shared. “We are pleased to welcome him as our newest franchise owner as momentum continues to grow for the brand.”

JABZ Boxing
Jabz Boxing continues to expand in key markets across the country, including recent franchise agreements that will bring the concept to San Antonio, TX, and Austin, TX. From operating systems to ongoing support, you’re set up for success with the Jabz Boxing team in your corner. Visit https://www.jabzboxing.com/own-a-jabz to learn more.

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