Studio Spotlight: Jabz Boxing Bel Air

Jabz Boxing Bel Air

Written by Jabz Boxing

December 22, 2021

Jabz Boxing Bel Air opened in early November, but already in the first two months of operations, the Jabz team has been warmly welcomed to town, and a diverse and robust community is building within the ring. Helen and Larry O’Keefe have always enjoyed staying active and were excited to open the first Jabz Boxing studio in the state of Maryland.  After experiencing Jabz Boxing for themselves, they believed in the product and were excited to offer the opportunity for others to see success in their own health and fitness journeys. But already the experience has been better than they would have imagined.
“We are long-time residents of Harford County, and knew our studio would be welcomed here by various civic groups and members of the community,” shared Helen. “It means a lot to us to be welcomed by everyone in the area, from the officials who attended our ribbon-cutting ceremony to the friends and family who have dropped in to see what we’re about. Once someone has tried the Jabz workout, they love to tell their friends about it, so we are reaching a really wide audience; men and women, various fitness levels, from sixteen-year-olds to limitless. We knew Jabz is something that can be fun and challenging for everyone, but it’s another thing to see it take place organically and in front of our own eyes.”
The sense of community and support is not just reflective of how Jabz has been received by the residents of Harford County. The studio team mirrors these values within the ring daily, offering clients a welcoming, community-driven space that blends fitness with a sense of purpose and, of course, fun. 
Even in the short time since the studio opened, members have started to see results, from weight loss to increased endurance to feeling a sense of belonging. “We have had members share that they have felt more accepted here than at other gyms they have tried, members who could not complete their first round of the circuit on their first visit – but who have now built the stamina to finish the entire class, and members who have organized a group chat and help hold each other accountable for their workout routine. These are the kinds of stories that drove Larry and me to open a fitness business, and I cannot wait to see all the successes our current and future members achieve,” shared Helen.
“The excellent environment we provide really comes down to our coaching team,” said Helen of the in-studio experience at Jabz Boxing Bel Air. “I’ve seen our lead coach attend class to workout alongside beginner clients who need a little extra guidance, and I’ve seen our team push clients to add weight or increase the intensity when they are ready for a new challenge.”
From vendor selection to studio layout to the science-backed class programming, Helen has appreciated the structure offered by franchising with Jabz Boxing. “Having the outline of the right systems to have in place has proven to be especially helpful now that we are open,” shared Helen. “Between the training and systems Jabz’s corporate team has provided, along with being surrounded by a great team at the studio level, we were ready to hit the ground running as soon as we opened our doors, and it’s been great to focus on building this community and supporting the goals of our clients when they step into our ring.”
Whether you’re looking for an owner-operator lifestyle or are searching for an investment opportunity with huge potential, Jabz Boxing has much to offer. Our leadership team delivers all the training and resources necessary to help you master the skills you need to become a successful studio owner. With this team in your corner and boutique fitness leading the fitness industry in year-over-year growth, there’s never been a better time to invest in Jabz Boxing. 
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